What is Codeine?

An opioid medication called codeine is provided to patients to relieve pain and to treat diarrhea and coughing. The medicine is typically recommended to treat mild to severe pain.

Since codeine is an opioid medication, you should be cautious when combining it with alcohol before making an online purchase because the combination may be fatal to you. Feeling sleepy is one of the mix's symptoms. However, the most grave ones are that the individual may pass away or possibly collapse.

Uses of Codeine

1- Pain Relief: Effectively manages mild to moderate pain.

2- Cough Suppression: Used in low doses to reduce coughing.

3- Diarrhea Treatment: Helps control severe diarrhea when other medications fail.

4- Combination Therapy: Often combined with other medications like acetaminophen or aspirin for enhanced pain relief.

5- Post-Operative Care: Used to alleviate pain after surgeries.

6- Chronic Conditions: Assists in managing pain for chronic conditions under strict medical supervision.

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